Spring Cleaning

by The Holy Alimonies

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We are up to our ears in songs recorded and lost in the vapors. Here are 2 tracks we put together on our lonesomes that didn't make it into the LP for you to enjoy. Like candy picked up off the floor, they're hairy, but sweet.

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released May 12, 2015

Written and performed by The Holy Alimonies. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Scott Lee at Ft Knox Studios, 2014

William Simons - Guitars & lead vocals
W.C. Mallard - Lead guitars & vocals (lead vox on A few 2 Many)
Kevin Hyde - Bass guitar and vocals
Scott Lee - drums, percussion, vocals




The Holy Alimonies Austin, Texas

"Gumption, emotion and outright chops"

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Track Name: The Reason
I know I’m a friend to the trouble I keep,
but it ain’t cool to be cool to me
I managed my way out of a paper bag,
I hit the bottle and I wrote some sad words
It ain’t your fault you’re so lousy in love,
when it fades away like your favorite tattoo
I’m finally at peace with the silence you keep,
but it ain’t like you to be so unlike you

It’s a stupid thing is now that I’m such a drag
and I’m so sorry I ever told you sorry
But we’re nowhere safe to be just like friends
with loving habbitts ‘til the bitter end
And I made up my mind hey I’m gonna go back
gon’ look you in the eye gon’ deny the whole truth
I’m finally alone with these thoughts of mine
gon’ find the reason why there ain’t no reason